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Planning Appeal – How can we help?

The key to success for your planning appeal is to ensure that you meet the requirements of the local planners. If you find that you are not familiar with the terminology used by your local planners, or the requirements that they layout for you, the entire application process can become cumbersome, as well as very daunting.

We review your proposal, as well as the reasons for refusal, using our experience and expert knowledge in planning law we create a personalised written statement, which is  submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (England) or PEDW (Wales). We will take care of all the meetings and discussions with both your local council and the Planning Inspectorate, as well as the whole appeal process up until the point of decision.

This helps to make it an experience that frees you from stress and further burden. By using the knowledge that we have in winning appeals, you can save time, money, and also increase the chances of a successful appeal.


What types of appeals are available?

You have the option to appeal against various decisions, including refusals of planning permission, refusals of applications for a Certificate of Lawfulness, or an Enforcement Notice. Additionally, you can appeal if the council fails to make a decision on your application within the designated time frame, typically 8 weeks. Moreover, appeals can be made against conditions imposed on an approved planning permission.


What are the associated costs?

Planning appeals do not incur any charges to the government, except for certain enforcement appeals under ground (a). If you seek representation from us, we will evaluate your case, offer complimentary advice on your likelihood of success, and provide a quote for handling your appeal process. We operate on fixed fees, ensuring transparency in the overall cost.


What does the appeal process entail?

Typically, appeals are resolved through written representations, where both parties submit Appeal Statements, and the Inspector makes a decision based on these submissions. The Inspector will undertake site visit solely for observation purposes, without allowing either side to present arguments. We handle all correspondence, making the process relatively straightforward and stress-free for you.


What is the success rate?

Approximately 40% of appeals are successful overall, although our success rate exceeds this average. This statistic implies that refusals by planners are incorrect nearly half the time. Many appeals are pursued without professional guidance and have low prospects of success, while some are speculative and rightfully fail. However, a well supported appeal for a reasonable proposal, accompanied by a strong Appeal Statement, stands a good chance of success. We only take on appeals that we believe have a strong chance of winning.


Who determines planning appeals in England and Wales?

In England, planning appeals are adjudicated by the Planning Inspectorate, a governmental organisation headquartered in Bristol. Meanwhile, in Wales, planning appeals are now overseen by PEDW, located in Cardiff. It’s important to note that both the Planning Inspectorate and PEDW operate independently from local councils. When initiating an appeal, an impartial Inspector is assigned to evaluate your case and make a decision.


What is the expected timeframe?

Our goal is to provide you with a bespoke draft Appeal Statement for review within 10 working days of receiving your instructions.

The appeal process itself typically spans several months before a decision is reached. You can find updated average timescales for appeals on the inspector’s website.


What are the deadlines for appealing?

For house extension applications, the deadline for appeal is 12 weeks from the date of receiving the decision. Non-householder applications allow a 6-month window for appeal.

There is no specific deadlines for appealing Certificate of Lawfulness decisions.

If the council fails to reach a decision, the appeal window is six months from the date by which they should have decided.

Please note that appealing Enforcement Notices is subject to strict deadlines.


What is the Planning Appeal Process

  • Upon formal instruction we will collect all client information provided and associated documents related to the application we are appealing.
  • We will now make a start on undertaking background research on your case.
  • Prepare bespoke Statement of Case detailing how the proposal is policy compliant.
  • Once this has been completed, we will then commence work on the draft copy of your Appeal.
  • An electronic version will be sent to you once it has been completed.
  • Once you have agreed that you are happy with the Appeal Statement the appeal will be lodged with the Planning Inspectorate using their online platform.
  • Planning Inspectorate confirms receipt of appeal documents (we send details to you).
  • We notify the Council of the appeal.
  • Upon submission, we will receive a unique appeal reference number, that we will forward to you.
  • Shortly thereafter we will receive a validation letter and once a Planning Inspector become available, we will receive a start date letter setting out the timetable for your appeal.
  • We will endeavour to keep you fully informed of the progress of your appeal and guide you through every step of the process including site visit dates.
  • Liaise with the Planning Inspectorate and the Council on any matters.
  • Prepare any final comments that are required to rebut any claims made by the Council in their Statement of Case.
  • Submit all appeal documentation within the relevant timescales.
  • Planning Inspectorate will issue a decision hopefully positive, which we will share with you.


Why use our appeal services 

  • No upfront fees; you only pay upon submission.
  • Fast track appeal service available upon request.
  • Having worked with your local Council we are very familiar with the local planning policies that are applicable.
  • Chartered town planner with over 20 years of expertise
  • Transparency and client satisfaction are our priorities.
  • Good track record at appeal.